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Lecture Recordings and Session Slides

Literature on the Case Study Area in De Panne, Belgium

International Policy Documents, Guidance Reports + Frameworks

European Policy Documents, Guidance Reports + Frameworks

EU Water and Marine Policy

EU Nature Protection Policy

EU Agricultural Policy

EU Regional Development Policy

Green and Blue Infrastructure

Open Educational Resources

Green infrastructure case studies and policy directives in the European Union

Basic background on green infrastructure, guidelines for communities

Coastal Management

Evaluation and Assessment

Landscape Evaluation

Landscape Capacity Study

Integrated Planning and Design

Spatial Planning and Strategic Planning

  • European Regional spatial planning charter Torremolinos charter, Spain 1983
  • The relationship between the relationship between planning and liberty (role of state). The Road to Serfdoom by Friedrich Hayek. Published by 1944 (Routledge Press, UK), 1944 (University of Chicago Press, US)
  • Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement by Bryson, John. Published by Jossey Bass; 3rd Edition (28 Oct. 2004). ISBN-10: 0787967556 ISBN-13: 978-0787967550
  • Barcelona- The Urban Evolution of a Compact City by Joan Busquets. Published by ORO Editions/Applied Research & Design. ISBN: 9781940743059
  • European Spatial Planning by Andreas Faludi. Published by Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in 2002.
  • Planning in the Public Domain- from Knowledge to Action by John Friedmann. Published by Princeton University Press (October 1, 1987). ISBN-10: 0691022682 ISBN-13: 978-0691022680
  • The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning- Reconceiving Roles for Planning, Plans, Planners by Henry Mintzberg. Published January 31st 1994 by Free Press (first published 1993). ISBN 0029216052 (ISBN13: 9780029216057)
  • Strategic Planning: What Every Manager Must Know by George Albert Steiner. Publishe by New York Free Press in 1979.
  • Design with Nature by Ian L. McHarg. Published February 20th 1995 by Wiley (first published March 26th 1969). ISBN 047111460X (ISBN13: 9780471114604)

Urban Acupuncture

  • Urban Acupuncture by Jaime Lerner. Published in 2014. E-Book format ISBN:9781610915847. Paperback format ISBN:9781610917278
  • Biourban Acupuncture: Treasure Hill of Taipei to Artena by Marco Casagrande. Published in 2013 by International Society of Biourbanism. ISBN:9788890892318
  • Public Space Acupuncture : Strategies and Interventions for Activating City Life by Helena Casanova & Jesús Hernández. Published in 2014 by Actar Publishers, New York. ISBN:0989331709 (pbk.), 9780989331708 (pbk.)

Additional Reading

  • Cowell R 2006 ‘Environmental limits and the pursuit of a sustainable city’, in A Hooper and J Punter (eds.) Capital Cardiff 1975-2020: Regeneration, Competitiveness and the Urban Environment, University of Wales Press, pp.219-237.
  • Cowell R and Bishop K 2006 ‘Cardiff’s countryside and its future’, in A Hooper and J Punter (eds.) Capital Cardiff 1975-2020: Regeneration, Competitiveness and the Urban Environment, University of Wales Press, pp.265-281.
  • Cowell R 2002 ‘Substitution and Scalar Politics: Negotiating Environmental Compensation in Cardiff Bay’ Geoforum 34, 343-358
  • Cowell R and Thomas H 2002 ‘Managing nature and narratives of dispossession: reclaiming territory in Cardiff Bay’ Urban Studies 39(7), 1241-1260