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Criteria Insufficient Sufficient Satisfactory Good Very good

Presentation Time management Visual Quality Speech

Does not attempt, or is unable to complete design solutions.

Significant problems with presentation materials and/or techniques resulting in unsuccessful level of design communication.

Major errors, omissions, consistency or quality problems in drawings, process diagrams and models. Not keeping to the time schedule. Poor verbal communication inhibiting discussion beyond rudimentary level.

Showing some flaws in completing the design solutions.

Some problems with presentation materials and/or techniques resulting in not fully adequate level of design communication.

Some omissions, inconsistency or quality problems in drawings, process diagrams and models.

Timing is not well organised but not seriously affecting the clarity and completeness of the presentation.

Verbal communication providing enough clarification, enabling a basic discussion.

Basic competence in presentation materials and techniques resulting in an acceptable level of design communication with general completeness.

Presentation materials showing basic elements of design organised and comprehensible.

Minor errors in drawing, process diagrams or models. Adequate time management, well balancing the parts of the presentation. Verbal communication is understandable resulting in basic discussion on design solutions

Advanced achievement in presentation materials resulting in successful design communication with systematic consistency.

Presentation materials comprehensive, detailed and well organised with minimal minor errors and requiring no further explanation. Verbal communication well planned and executed with good time management and effectiveness resulting in further discussion of design solutions.

Exemplary presentation in materials and verbal presentation resulting in highly effective design communication of clarity, detail and precision.

Presentation materials at portfolio quality suitable for transfer. No errors or omissions.

Verbal communication is highly effective, with excellent time management allocating time to priority subjects, resulting in advanced discussion of design solutions.

Table: Evaluation scale for the 'Communication' criteria