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The online seminar introduces students to the sensitive nature of coastal landscapes and their vital relevance to society, economy and the environment. Planners and designers learn how to manage these territories sustainably. Course participants develop a profound understanding of the specific character of coastal landscapes. Students learn which driving forces are influencing the landscape system and which impact types are most relevant for planning and design responses.
This includes the global and European dimension since coastal landscapes are receiving increased attention worldwide. Participants learn about various approaches to landscape assessment in order to articulate the challenges and potentials of a coastal landscape. They have the opportunity to define and test assessment models and derive relevant knowledge for planning and design. The last phase of the course introduces different approaches to strategy building, planning and design in the context of coastal landscapes. On this basis, the course participants are able to draft a strategy and a master plan for a coastal area, taking economic, ecological and social aspects, and current policies into account.

CoLand schematic schedule

The examination assignments in the CO-LAND OS consist of elaborating a case study on the basis of the template provided. This template is structured analogous to the course contents with respect to the synchronously held lectures:

  1. Landscape System Analysis
  2. Landscape Evaluation and Assessment
  3. Strategy and Master Plan
  4. Process Reflection