Preparing the workshop

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Preparing the workshop

The overall and common goal for all CO-LAND Intensive Study Programmes is to develop a strategy and a spatial vision for the sustainable and resilient redevelopment, protection and enhancement of the coastline by using green and blue infrastructure (GBI) as a guiding principle.

Against this background, the workshop preparation includes the following steps:

  • identifying appropriate workshop landscapes with typical problems and conflicts to solve and potentials to apply the GBI approach for the benefit of the local economy and quality of life;
  • contacting local stakeholders, experts and local interested parties*;
  • identifying concrete focus areas and focus themes and topics together with stakeholders and other locals (see list below)*;
  • checking the opportunities for accommodation and working space, e.g. at the host university, municipality or accommodation*;
  • drafting a schedule and a programme;
  • elaborating a detailed manual of the ISP, including background information about the coastal landscape, organisational details, programme, participants list, working groups, etc.
  • For these activities a site-visit together with the teaching team and including a meeting with the municipalities and/or local stakeholders is recommended.

C11: Preparing the site-visit

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