Workshop programme

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Day 1: Travel to site;

Day 2: Welcome at the host university, lectures on the project area: its economic, social, natural and cultural context; afternoon: joint travel to focus areas;

Day 3: Thematic-interdisciplinary teams conduct landscape assessment (each study is prepared in advance by desk research during the online seminar);

Day 4: Landscape assessment results are discussed among the team and with local stakeholders, and then synthesised;

Day 5: Teams design a first alternative future vision, and develop a consultation session with staff members and local experts;

Day 6: Groups conduct a ‘field test’, they discuss their visions with local people and specify their design ideas;

Day 7: Groups design concrete measures and processes, visualisations;

Day 8: Groups prepare project presentations;

Day 9: Presentation of project results to local stakeholders, discussion/public panel; closure event;

Day 10: Return travel home.