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Executive Summary Step 4: Starting the process
Various exercises were conducted to get the student groups started. Considering that most groups had not met in this combination before, an energizer was conducted as an ice breaker activity as well as group working methods (breakout room exercise) and introductory spatial approaches to explore the case study area such as the transect and place making methods.

Energizer session

Friedrich is starting the De Panne IP 2020 with an interactive walk and talk.

Introductory Exercises

Most video conferencing software allow to establish breakout sessions, which can facilitate group discussions significantly.

Transects are very well suited as a method for mapping and narrating coastal landscapes.

Landscape assessments are structured approaches to assess the spatial qualities, potentials of and threats to landscapes. A special type of assessment is the landscape character assessment or in this case the Seaside Character Assessment SCA, which has emerged as a method for assessing, characterising, mapping and describing seascape character. The process of SCA follows the well-established, and widely used, process of Landscape Character Assessment.

Placemaking is both a process and a philosophy that makes use of urban design principles and aims to inspire people to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces in their community.